Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Kiddos

I was trying to get the kids together for a cute photo that I could blow up and hang on the wall in our toy room. I decided to go with this first one, just cropped slightly differently. I used Canvas on Demand and it turned out real cute. I love having a big picture of the kids on the wall right where they play. It's perfect.

Julitette is 11 months
Update: She has started taking steps at 11 months, essentially beating both brothers to the punch. However, she still prefers to crawl seeing that she doesn't have the strongest footing yet. She's talking much more now. Her first word is definitely, "Hi!", just like her brother Cito. Two peas in a pod, right?! She's adorable and loves to laugh. Another pitter-patter. She will walk/crawl to the oven window and see her reflection and just start busting up. She has a loud, bursting laugh like her Mommy.

Lincoln is 5 years
Update: So, Lincoln is the youngest in his class. Actually, according to Mississippi rules he wasn't even supposed to start K this year. But I cleverly figured out a way to usurp their birthday deadline by enrolling him in California first. Anyway, I gave you all of this history so that you would understand how amazing this news is that I'm about to tell you...Lincoln told us that his teacher, Mrs. Platt, came to him and said that he is the FASTEST READER in his class!!!! (I'm sorry, but a mother has to brag. It's only right to be extremely excited and proud of your child's accomplishments.) Anyway, when he told me this, I was shocked and, of course, tears started welling up in my eyes. I am so proud of him. Go Lincoln! I love seeing him grow up. He's so wonderful. Him and me, we're kindred spirits for sure.

Christian is 2 1/2 years
Update: Christian is the fastest scooter rider any 2 year old has ever seen! He boogies down that sidewalk like a flash of lightning. He can totally keep up with his big brother, which is def an accomplishment, since Lincoln is Mr. Coordinated and super fast himself. Christian is my favorite toddler. He is the one I don't want to grow up. He is such a cuddle bug. I love it! So cute with his pillow and finger sucking. He also says the cutest things. Like right now our favorite saying of his is: you ask,"How are you?" and he says,"Outstanding Sir!" So amazingly adorable. Jon even taught him how to salute while saying this. Pitter-patter.
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Our Puppy

Mr. Geranimo!
Born June 14, 2011
(6 months younger than Jujube)
Nicknames are as follows:
(That's his gangster name. Ya gotta say it with the right attitude and a little head swagger!)

Best friends for life!
Christian is born to work with animals. He absolutely loves every kind! But his most favorite is his little puppy named Geranimo. They play together constantly. It is another one of those sweet things in my life that make my heart go pitter-patter. I've wanted to have a puppy all my life, ever since my best friend died when I was five. I miss you, Brewster :0) So now I get to make that wish come true for me and also give my kids one of the best presents they could ever get--a puppy! Can you tell I'm an animal lover?! Christian not only gets it from me, but his daddy too. I'm drawing the line at two dogs, two cats, and two horses, though. I will not have a zoo in my house with all kinds of cages and poo to clean. That will be plenty. And I will def not be the only one cleaning that stinky stuff up either!
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A Mandated Request!

My life will be in jeopardy if I do not start posting some pictures of Ms. Jujube for the grandparents to see. Please forgive me, I will never do it again (hopefully!)

The Virgin Mary
This is Juliette's favorite blankie. She can't sleep without it! She used to love wearing it draped over her head like this. So adorable. Now she just likes to snuggle into it when she gets tired. I love my little lady. She has such a great personality.

My Easiest Baby
Jewels is so good at playing with toys and entertaining herself much more than her brothers did at this age. What a blessing that has been for me, seeing how overwhelmed I normally am with babies. The boys used to make me hold them constantly, couldn't sit down and snuggle, I had to be standing. However, I can put her in the toy room and she will have at it. She does have a sign, though, to tell me when she wants to be picked up. She will sit on her bum with her legs in front of her and start moving them frantically and make grunting noises until I pick her up. So cute.

What a Fish!
This little lady takes after her oldest brother in that she LOVES the water. The second I turn on the faucet she squeals for delight! It makes my heart go pitter-patter. She just smiles and laughs the whole time she's taking a bath. Absolutely adorable. I don't know why I don't do it more often...

The Container
When I need to keep Jewels contained to one area, I will put her in her bouncy. Normally, I will do it with baby einstein on while I vacuum, etc. Luckily Christian still loves Baby Einstein, too, at 2 1/2 years old, so they will hang out and watch it together. These two are two peas in a pod. They get along so magnificently! They will look at each other and just start cracking up. It's so hilarious to hear them laugh together. I love it. Seeing my kids play well together is probably one of the sweetest joys in life for me :0) Btw, Lincoln is doing better with Christian. Much better. At least for this week...
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My Lil Pumpkin Princess

Juliette's First Halloween
10 months

Go Giants!
(that one's for you, Grandpa!)
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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Armstrong Woods

Our little lady at 6 mo
What a smile!

Mr. Lincoln... all tuckered out

Sitting on a redwood tree log and having a great time with Grandma and Grandpa

Mommy's heaven on earth!
I love the way they smell. I love to climb them. I love to look at them.
Redwoods are the best trees ever created!
I'm so grateful to have grown up in Northern California. It was so nice to go home this summer :0)
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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Deja vu

My grandmother Dolly gave little Juliette this sweet outfit.
It's hard to see here in the pictures, but the style of this outfit reminds me so much of what I wore when I was a baby. When I look at these photos of her, I feel like I'm looking at little Dorsey.
I love deja vu!
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I Love My Auntie

Jewels at 7 wks

We've had a special request via text message from Jewels' Auntie Robin to post more photos on our blog :0)

So, straightway I put Jewels in her "I love my auntie" sleeper and took some shots of her in her bumbo. She's just starting to be strong enough holding her neck up to sit in this chair. She hasn't taken to it a ton yet; she lasts a couple of minutes. However, the boys are having a blast playing in this thing. They can both still fit in it. Pretty funny.

Lovely Juliette.

Wide eyes: I'm hoping they stay big like mine.
Lincoln looked the same as her, though, and his eyes look more like his dad's now.

Profile pic.
Jewels: "Hey, Buster. Don't you mess with my bro. You better watch out cuz I'll come and get you in like 7 months!"

And here she looks like Jon. Can you tell how excited I am?
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Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Lincoln might have a tough time being nice to his brother, but ever since the first time we told him I was pregnant, he has been in-love with the idea of having a baby sister.

He is so amazing with her. He loves to coo to her and calm her when she's upset. He will rush to give her her binkie. He kisses her and always loves to be a part of whatever I'm doing with her, whether it be nursing or changing her diaper.
He is smitten over his Jewels.
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Friday, December 31, 2010

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Les Miserables

During Cmas break Jon was obsessed with finishing the unabridged version of Les Mis. He started way back before we were married. He can now finally say that he has read the entire book. There were many 'slow' parts, but all in all, he said is was well worth it. One of the best books he's ever read. I think he enjoyed it so much b/c he had an adorable reading companion.

This is Juliette at 11 days old.
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

His Many Disguises

This is Christian...

with his favorite glasses
(he borrowed them from Mr. Potato Head)

and with his favorite hat
(Lincoln's CLEAN underwear)

He's such a crack-up. He's loved putting Lincoln's underwear on his head since he turned one--or younger. It's so hilarious looking, and kinda gross, but he sure gets a kick out of it.
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What can I say?

... handsome!
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