Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Kiddos

I was trying to get the kids together for a cute photo that I could blow up and hang on the wall in our toy room. I decided to go with this first one, just cropped slightly differently. I used Canvas on Demand and it turned out real cute. I love having a big picture of the kids on the wall right where they play. It's perfect.

Julitette is 11 months
Update: She has started taking steps at 11 months, essentially beating both brothers to the punch. However, she still prefers to crawl seeing that she doesn't have the strongest footing yet. She's talking much more now. Her first word is definitely, "Hi!", just like her brother Cito. Two peas in a pod, right?! She's adorable and loves to laugh. Another pitter-patter. She will walk/crawl to the oven window and see her reflection and just start busting up. She has a loud, bursting laugh like her Mommy.

Lincoln is 5 years
Update: So, Lincoln is the youngest in his class. Actually, according to Mississippi rules he wasn't even supposed to start K this year. But I cleverly figured out a way to usurp their birthday deadline by enrolling him in California first. Anyway, I gave you all of this history so that you would understand how amazing this news is that I'm about to tell you...Lincoln told us that his teacher, Mrs. Platt, came to him and said that he is the FASTEST READER in his class!!!! (I'm sorry, but a mother has to brag. It's only right to be extremely excited and proud of your child's accomplishments.) Anyway, when he told me this, I was shocked and, of course, tears started welling up in my eyes. I am so proud of him. Go Lincoln! I love seeing him grow up. He's so wonderful. Him and me, we're kindred spirits for sure.

Christian is 2 1/2 years
Update: Christian is the fastest scooter rider any 2 year old has ever seen! He boogies down that sidewalk like a flash of lightning. He can totally keep up with his big brother, which is def an accomplishment, since Lincoln is Mr. Coordinated and super fast himself. Christian is my favorite toddler. He is the one I don't want to grow up. He is such a cuddle bug. I love it! So cute with his pillow and finger sucking. He also says the cutest things. Like right now our favorite saying of his is: you ask,"How are you?" and he says,"Outstanding Sir!" So amazingly adorable. Jon even taught him how to salute while saying this. Pitter-patter.
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mer and mel said...

OH MY GOODNESS~ What handsome boys they are! And I am so so jealous that you got Lincoln into Kindergarten early. Braden is so smart and ready and wanting to go but he missed the deadline.

Matt said...

Your kids are getting SO big. Tell them to stop growing. Such cute kids!

Dad and Mom Mann said...

You need to update your family pix and get precious little Jewels in there with the rest of you! Also your profile needs to have the wonderful updated news too. Hope your loving your new life in MISS. and that John is doing great being a DDS. Love you all!!